WSJ: In Hong Kong local "Anti-Maidan" beats democratic demonstrators

3 october 2014 | 15:52

Pro-democracy protest participants in Hong Kong are convinced that their opponents are paid.

Hong Kong
In Hong Kong the local “Anti-Maidan" beats democratic demonstrators
Angry crowd of government supporters attacked the participants of the pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong. A big fight has begun in the occupied by the democratic demonstrators business centre of the city.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, police was not enough on the spot, and it failed to separate the sides.

"This is the first fight when the protesters for democracy had to fight with other people who have opposing political position," the American edition writes.

First, the attackers shouted at the protesters and pushed them. And then they started to beat protesters for democracy, tear the banners that called the Hong Kong authorities to resign, and break tents set by the activists on the streets.

In response to aggression pro-democraticy denstrators joined their hands, forming a chain and chanted: "Peace!". At this time their opponents shouted, "Surrender!".

"I could imagine the same way they will run Hong Kong. They want to kill someone," one of the participants of the protest for democracy said.

Participants of the Chinese "Maidan" assume that the attackers were paid by someone for those demonstrators to be beaten.

"We believe that they got the money to yell at us and beat. We have done nothing wrong. We are not against of Hong Kong's economy," a 19-year-old Pro-democracy demonstrator Max Lo said.

Recall that the Chinese authorities refused to meet the protesters in Hong Kong. 

Source: Wall Street Journal

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