Walesa: Russia to collapse if attacks Poland

17 march 2015 | 16:40

According to the former Polish president, Russia will be a small 20 million people country after the Polish-Russian war.

Лех Валенса
Walesa is convinced Russia will disintegrate if attacks Poland
Poland is in complete safety since it is closely integrated to the Western structures such as the EU and NATO. In addition, it does not have a large Russian-speaking minority, which could become a tool in the hands of the Kremlin to start a war according to the Ukrainian scenario. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to completely exclude the possibility of Russian attack.

This has been announced by the former Polish president Lech Walesa in an interview with the Polish TV channel TVN24.

He advised Warsaw to seriously consider arming in order to be able to resist the aggression. But, in his opinion, a war with Poland might be a disaster for Moscow.

 "If Russia dares to attack Poland and other countries, it will collapse. It will be left a small 20 million people country, since now it includes 50 different nations. I clearly see what will happen to Russia. Obviously, a million of people will die, perhaps 10 million or more, but it is better that this would not happen," – commented Walesa. He added that Poland will "never give up" and will defend itself if uninvited guests step on its land.

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The former President also called on Warsaw to equip Kyiv, so that the Ukrainian army could resist "green men." And since Russia insists that it does not have its military in the Donbas, it should not be disturbed by the violence against terrorists.

 Yesterday, Polish Foreign Minister Gzhegorz Schetyna in an interview with Rzeczpospolita announced that he does not believe in a war with Russia since Poland was not a part of the USSR. Answering the question about the Polish association in Putin's bipolar world Schetyna replied that Poland had finally joined the West.

Source: ZN.UA

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