Video with last seconds of A320 fall found at crash site

1 april 2015 | 11:40

The footage was taken on a mobile phone inside the aircraft during the last minutes of airliner's fall. 

самолет франция airbus
Journalists from two European publications claim that the video is real
The video with the last seconds of A320 fall has been found among the wreckage in the French Alps.

This has been reported by the SkyNews.

The video footage has been already seen by the journalists of the French newspaper Paris Match and  German publication Bild.

"The footage is so chaotic that it is hard to see people, but the sounds of passengers' screaming make it absolutely clear that people had been aware of what was going to happen with them," – reports Paris Match, which has not published the video yet.

"You can hear the cries of "Oh my God" in several languages", - report the journalists. The newspaper also notes that the sounds of banging metal can be heard on the video. Allegedly, this might be the sound of captain's attempt to break the cockpits door.

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As the CBSNews clarifies, the video has been found in a memory card, possibly in a mobile phone. The Paris Match's journalists say, after watching the video, that the recording is real.

Journalists from the Bild publication also confirm that the recording is real.

An audiotape from the plane appeared on Internet last Friday. Its validity has not been confirmed officially yet.

Source: Sky News

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