US is going to gradually abolish sanctions against Iran

7 april 2015 | 10:20

The White House primarily wants to block Tehran's ways to create nuclear weapons. 

The Obama administration is cautious about lifting sanctions from Iran
The Obama administration believes that lifting of the sanctions from Iran should be first discussed and only then gradually take place.

The US government opposes the abolition of restrictive measures immediately, announced the White House spokesman Josh Ernest.

"You cannot talk about easing of the sanctions until we reach an agreement on how to cut all the ways for Iran to develop nuclear weapons," – reports Deutsche Welle, citing Josh Ernest.

According to the official, the details of sanctions removal have not been discussed yet. The Obama administration says it is wrong to lift them instantly.

On April 6, Israeli government spokesman announced that a military action against Iran's nuclear program is still possible.

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The US President's bet on diplomatic agreement with Iran to hold it from developing nuclear weapons is threatened by the test in the US Congress. The Chairman of the International Committee at the Upper House, Bob Corker(R) is preparing a bill that will force the administration to make a deal with Iran through the US Congress. The vote will might take place on April 14. The White House is already preparing to veto the bill.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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