"United Russia": advanced knowledge of foreign languages is "threatening Russia's traditions"

30 january 2015 | 17:45

MPs from the largest Russian party also offered to introduce literature standards.

Irina Yarovaya, Russian MP, wants to limit knowledge of foreign languages and literature by Russians.
MP from the Russian ruling party "United Russia" Irina Yarovaya considers advanced knowledge of foreign languages as "threatening Russian traditions."

In her opinion, the number of hours dedicated to the study of foreign languages in schools is unreasonably high, while the introduction of compulsory Unified State Exam on these subjects is unacceptable, reports the website of "United Russia".

"The Ministry of Education wants to introduce mandatory Unified State Exam in foreign languages, and the second compulsory foreign language to the school curriculum. It looks like our education system is tuned for language learning. How do we want to keep our traditions this way?" – declared Yarovaya.

She also encouraged creating the so-called literature "standards", since they exist in "all areas", except literature.

In general, the MPs agreed for a tighter control over education standards.

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Another State Duma MP, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has offered to ban the US dollar earlier today.

Source: ZN.UA

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