UN Under-Secretary-General: "Islamic state" prepares militants from 5-years-olds

16 december 2014 | 11:00

According to the information available to the UN Under-Secretary-General, Valerie Amos, 350 children have been trained recently in the northern Syria.

Militants teach 5-years-olds how to kill
The "Islamic state" militants' camps train children, some of whom are barely five years. This was announced at the UN Security Council meeting by the Deputy Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Valerie Amos.

"A growing number of children become militants. They are taught how to use weapon and sent to take part in hostilities. Proven sources reported that nearly 350 children, some of whom were just five years, have recently been trained in a camp in Rakka, " – Amos announced.

According to a monthly report on humanitarian situation in Syria, about 5.6 million minor Syrians urgently need help. "Children are being killed, tortured and subjected to sexual violence, by all parties of the conflict", - said the UN Under-Secretary-General.

Valerie Amos emphasized that there is additional information about public executions of children by the "Islamic State" militants used for intimidation. The total number killed in Syria this year amounts to 200,000, one million people were wounded.

According to Amos, the violations were made by the Syrian army side as well as by armed militia.

About 2 thousand immigrants from Russia who have promised "to liberate the Caucasus" are fighting on the side of the Islamists.


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