Ukraine is going to buy Polish radars against Russian artillery and aviation

20 february 2015 | 17:20

Reportedly Kyiv dares to buy weapons from Poland.

Польський радар PIT-Radwar
Reportedly Ukraine is going to buy weapons from Poland
Ukraine is going to buy modern weapon samples from Polish manufacturers as well as orders an upgrade for its T-72 tanks.

This has been reported by Rzeczpospolita, citing its own sources in companies producing weapons.

In the autumn, Ukraine did not show interest in Polish weapon after Poland had presented its weapon samples at the exhibition in Kyiv. But now, reportedly, the situation is different. The publication says that the representatives of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have been actively engaged in dialogue with the Polish Defense Ministry during the last year and have visited a number of factories producing weapons.

As a result, the Ukrainian and Polish sides have agreed to manufacture several thousand helmets, body armor at Maskpol Konieczki Company and dozens of night vision devices. But now, according to Rzeczpospolita, Kyiv is seriously thinking about buying new weapons.

Namely, the publication reports that Ukraine is going order an upgrade for its T-72 tanks. Also, sources of the publication reported about Kyiv's intention to buy PIT-Radwar artillery radars which are produced in Warsaw, advanced optical equipment from "Industrial Optics Center," radars on detecting enemy's aircrafts and UAVs as well as the latest Tarnów sniper rifles.

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Moreover, Kyiv is interested in ammunition supply to replace the production of factories in Lugansk and Donetsk. At the same time, the "Polish group of arms manufacturers" has commented that such contracts will not be announced publicly. In December last year, it was reported that Ukraine is ready to buy weapons in Poland, but currently does not do this. The Polish Foreign Minister Gzhegorz Schetyna announced about his country's readiness to sell arms to Ukraine. But, he said, Kyiv itself has to decide whether it has the money.

Source: Rzeczpospolita

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