UK warns Baltic States about Putin's real plans

19 february 2015 | 11:05

British Defence Secretary believes that Baltic States are threatened by the same scenario as Ukraine.

London believes that the Baltics is under great threat
The Secretary of UK's Defence Ministry, Michael Fallon warned NATO countries about the readiness of Vladimir Putin to take destabilizing actions in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Fallon announced that the Russian president will use the security services to check the ability of the NATO members to address the threats. According to the Secretary of Defence, the Russian agents will be sent to the Baltic countries. They will start the same destabilizing actions, related to an emergence of separatism, as it was earlier done in eastern Ukraine.

Fallon also reminded of Russian warplanes' frequent flights near the borders of NATO countries and shocking kidnapping of Estonian security officer, Kohver, which has been taken to Russia. According to the Secretary, the following actions are also a part of the "test" and if they are not responded, Putin will do further, more aggressive steps.

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Latvia is already preparing to repel the Russian aggression. The country has a four times increase in its airspace patrolling using NATO fighters, as well as increased the number of ships protecting sea borders.


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