Transcripts from second black box confirm deliberate actions of A320 co-pilot

3 april 2015 | 15:34

Media, citing investigators, report that Lubitz increased speed before approaching the mountains. 

Второй пилот А320. Андреас Любиц
There is more evidence that Andreas Lubitz is guilty of Germanwings A320 crash
Transcripts from A320 second black box, detected earlier, confirm the actions of co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz were deliberate.

This has been reported by the French Info radio station, citing the investigators.

Data from the transcripts confirms that the second pilot has deliberately sent the plane down and increased speed before approaching the mountains.

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The aircraft A320 of Germanwings, flying from Spain to Germany crashed in southern France on March 24. 150 people died as a result of the tragedy.

The investigation has already provided some evidence that the pilot's actions were deliberate. In particular, on the eve, it became known that Andreas Lubitz searched for the methods of suicide and locking the cockpit's door.

Source: ZN.UA

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