Time: the protesters' main camp destroyed in Hong Kong

11 december 2014 | 17:59

The demonstrators have been living in the camp and blocked the city's downtown for 2,5 months.

The protesters’ main camp destroyed in Hong Kong
The main camp of protesters in Hong Kong downtown has been demolished by the order of local authorities.  The protesters, who have not abandoned the place for 75 days and blocked the economic and governmental area, have been demanding democratic changes for months here.

This is what the American edition of the Time writes about today. Demonstrators did not oppose the destruction of their main campsite. Instead, hundreds of people came to see the workers destroying the camp in the morning.

The Highest Administrative Court ordered to clear the streets of Hong Kong after a bus company complained about demonstrators blocking the streets.

"This is not the end. We woke up the residents of Hong Kong, we planted a seed for future democratic movements", - said the leader of the Civil Party, formed at Hong Kong main protesting square, Alan Leon.

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"I look very optimistically at the future and I think people will come to the streets again. Hong Kong has changed," - said the leader of the student movement Alex Cho.

Two weeks ago, clashes erupted in a captured by protesters Monkok area, where several people were injured. Nearly 40 demonstrators were arrested. After the clashes, three leaders called on crowd to go home in order to stop the violence on the streets. Then, the leaders promised to surrender into the hands of the police and answer for their role in organizing the protests.

Source: ZN.UA

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