Survey: Russians hate the US and EU more than Ukraine

2 april 2015 | 13:45

Russian citizens like Belarus and China the most. 

Russian citizens have decided what countries are their enemies
Most of Russians have negative attitude towards the US (73%) and the EU (64%). Nearly 55% of respondents experience negative feelings towards Ukraine, according to a survey conducted by "Levada Center."

At the same time about 19% of respondents have positive feelings towards the US, 24% - towards the EU and 31% - towards Ukraine.

Belarus and China remain popular among Russian citizens (85% and 76% see them favorably).

48% of respondents have positive attitude towards Georgia, 33% - negative and 20% were undecided. The survey was conducted on March 20-23 among 1,600 people in 134 settlements of 46 Russian regions.

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The survey by "Levada Center" was conducted in December 2014. It also showed that the majority of Russians (72%) believe the West is trying to weaken Russia through sanctions.

Source: ZN.UA

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