Survey: Most Russians want to restore Soviet Union, planned economy and autocracy

26 march 2015 | 15:45

Only one tenth of Russian citizen "would like a Western-type of democracy." 

Russian citizens want “all power to be concentrated in one hands”
The majority of Russian citizens (55%) believe an economic system "based on state planning and distribution" is more correct, reports a survey conducted by "Levada-Center".

27% of respondents prefer a system, "which is based on private property and market relations," while 19% are undecided.

One third of people (34%) believe that "Soviet" political system is the best among others," 29% "like the current political system," 11 % "prefer "Western-style of democracy," 8% of citizens "prefer "another" political system, "while 18% are "undecided."

Half of the Russian citizens (50%) want "all the power in the country to be concentrated in one hands," while 36% want "the power to be distributed among various structures controlling each other." 14% were "undecided."

According to a "Levada Center" survey held in November, 2014, most of the Russians (52%) positively assess Stalin's role in the Russian history.

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The survey was conducted on 13-16 March, 2015. The representative sample was 1,600 Russian urban and rural citizens aged 18 years and older from 134 settlements of 46 Russian regions. The statistical error did not exceed 3.4%.

Source: ZN.UA

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