Saudi Arabia threatens to abandon non-nuclear status

16 march 2015 | 12:02

An influential member of the Saudi Arabia royal family has announced that Iran's agreement on nuclear program could encourage other countries in the region to begin production of nuclear fuel. 

Turki bin Faisal: Saudi Arabia may also seek the right to develop nuclear program
If Iran develops a nuclear program, Saudi Arabia and other countries would seek the same, said Prince Turki bin Faisal in an interview with BBC.

Turki bin Faisal – the youngest son of the king, the former head of Saudi intelligence, now considered the unofficial ambassador of the Saudi government.

Six international negotiators say that the measures taken are sufficient to limit the development of Tehran's peaceful atom.

Critics of the plan believe that the Islamic Republic should completely abandon nuclear program in order to stop provoking regional arms race on the basis of rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The negotiations between the US and Iran regarding the Iran's nuclear program are scheduled to resume on March 15 in Swiss Lausanne.

Obama told in an interview with Reuters that chances to negotiate with Iran are not great, but any alternative "would be even worse." Nevertheless, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposes the proposed agreement.

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USA, UK, Germany, France, China and Russia are trying to reach an agreement with Iran on limiting the country's nuclear program in exchange for cancellation of sanctions imposed earlier.

Russia, however, officially offered Iran to supply its anti-aircraft missile systems SA-23 Gladiator (300VM "Antey-2500") last week.

Source: BBC Russian

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