Rzeczpospolita: Czech Republic sells latest American and German weapons to Russia

2 march 2015 | 14:20

The publication writes Russia might use Czech weapons for provocation.

Bushmaster 90705
Czech Republic sells latest American and German weapons to Russia
Despite the embargo on weapon sales to Russia, which the EU has introduced 9 months ago because of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the Czech Republic continues selling latest American and German small arms to the Russian side.

Rzeczpospolita writes about this citing the documents obtained by the Polish edition. Thus, in particular, the Czech side sold American Bushmaster 90705, 90838 and 90899 automatic guns, DPMS RFA 3-3G2 to Russia. In addition, the Russians were able to buy German Heckler-Koch automatic guns and Sig Sauer pistols.

"This is the weapon used by Special Forces around the world, including the American Delta Force," – comments the publication.

The Czech Republic explained that the weapons had been allegedly sold to "hunters," while the EU officials said that the contracts on these samples of weapons' delivery had been signed before the Donbas conflict.

The publication says this is a shocking information taking into account that Europeans and the US still did no decide to sell weapon to Ukraine.

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"The weapon that Czech Republic is delivering can be used not only against Ukrainian soldiers, but also for the sake of provocation. If it is used in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin will claim that Washington secretly sends arms to Ukraine, which allegedly kills civilians," – concludes the article.

According to recent surveys, the number of those supporting weapon deliveries to Ukraine had significantly grown in the United States. A number of US officials also support the decision.

Source: ZN.UA

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