Russian state Channel shows plan of seizing Europe

11 february 2015 | 17:14

Russian Federal Channel announced that if Russia wanted, it could occupy European capitals in a matter of days.

пропаганда европа
Russian TV Channel imagines that Russia seizes Europe
Russian state 5th TV Channel showed a "patriotic" video of how Russia is capable of seizing Europe.

Namely, the authors of the propaganda video intimidated European countries, many of which are NATO members, of possible Russian occupation of their capitals, including by using missiles.

"To occupy Warsaw – is too easy. There are only 1,300 km from Moscow to the Polish capital. T-90, for example, will enter the suburb of Warsaw in less than a day after the march, without the help of Air Force," – says the author of the program, Petr Marinin, adding that Russian Airborne soldiers will get to Warsaw in two hours.

Then, he goes to Germany, noting that Russian troops "have not been to Berlin for a long time."

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"1800 km for modern Armed Forces is not a distance. Moreover, many Russian officers are well familiar to Germany. The most important is that they would not confuse and occupy our cantonments that were left after the unification of the Federal Republic of Germany and German Democratic Republic," – says Marinin.

When the Russian journalist says this, the German flag suddenly changes to Russian.

"Prague, Helsinki, Vilnius, Tallinn and Riga – all of these are very close," – continues to intimidate Russian propaganda. Marinin says that Russian troops can simply walk there.

The visit to London and Washington should be planned in advance since you cannot get there "without using air force and navy."

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Earlier, the Russian officials have already threatened Europe by a possible "war" or "disaster" provided that it gives military support to Ukraine

Source: ZN.UA

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