Russian MFA: NATO destabilizes situation in Baltics

14 january 2015 | 11:35

Russia opposes NATO exercises in the Baltic region.

Russia does not appreciate more NATO exercises in the Baltics.
Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Alexey Meshkov announced that the increase of NATO exercises' intensity in the Baltics destabilizes situation in the region.

"Baltic region, generally northwest Europe was the most stable and secure region in the world, but now NATO destabilizes the situation by its actions, which include intensifying military exercises and increasing military presence in the Baltics." – announced Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister.

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Yesterday, on January 13, the NATO forces in Europe Supreme Commander Philip Breedlove announced about more NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea in response to a surge of Russian military maneuvers in the region in the last several months.

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Earlier, General Breedlove declared that the Alliance supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and is ready to meet the needs of Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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