Russian MFA: EU's TV channel to combat Russian propaganda threatens freedom of speech

12 january 2015 | 12:50

Moscow is concerned about counter-propaganda plans of Brussels.

Russian Foreign Ministry criticizes EU for failure to comply with democracy (pictured – the screenshot of Russian TV channel’s broadcast, where it is reported that nationalist Dmytro Yarosh wins the presidential elections in Ukraine).
EU plans to create a special channel to counter the Russian Federation's propaganda are at odds with the freedom of speech, announced the Deputy Foreign Minister Alexey Meshkov on Monday.
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"We have always had a positive attitude towards the freedom of speech, but the EU's plans to create a sort of counter-propaganda TV channel are unlikely to meet the very concept of freedom of speech" – announced the Deputy Minister to the Russian media.

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Nearly 15 EU countries support the idea of creating a TV channel that would broadcast objective information for the Russian citizens living in Baltic States and other countries of the former USSR. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the decision to create a pan-European Russian-speaking TV channel can be made at the summit of "Eastern Partnership" in Riga, which is supposed to take place on 21-22, May.


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