Russia wants to build a military base in Greece

3 february 2015 | 14:30

Athens can decide on Russian military base by the end of February.

танки российские войска
Russia can build a military base in Greece by the end of February
Russia has officially requested Greece to allocate land for the construction of military base on its territory.

This was reported by the Polish edition Rzeczpospolita. According to it, Greece's President Nicos Anastasiades is going to visit Moscow in late February. Thus, it is possible that the Kremlin might get an answer on Russian military base during the visit.

"The place has been already chosen. It is located not too far from the airport in Paphos. Cypriots will be safe, if there is the Russian military base that can protect them from Turkey. Please note that the US and EU have failed so far to provide this,"- commented the Director of "Russian radio" in Cyprus Zoe Hiannopoulu Stylianaki.

The Russian plans to deploy military bases in Greece may be associated with Moscow's attempts to increase its influence and presence throughout the Balkans. In particular, Serbia turns from the EU to Russia because of money and gas. Last summer, Moscow signed an agreement with Belgrade on military-technical cooperation. Serbian human rights advocates report about Russian military bases near Kosovo, allegedly performing humanitarian missions.

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The Kremlin also inhibits reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the Bosnian Serbs, who are committed to Moscow because of orthodoxy. Last month, the German MFA already noted that "Vladimir Putin at all costs wants to prevent the Balkan countries' approximation with the EU. Russia sees the Balkans as strategically important." Western media reported that Putin could unleash a new war in the Balkans to force the EU to forget about Ukraine.


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