Reuters: China to warn Europe that it wants "very close" relations with Russia

3 october 2014 | 11:22

No malevolence - only business. China stated the will to occupy the niche of the EU in the Russian market. 

China wants to occupy the niche of the EU in the Russian market.
China is ready to catch any emerging business opportunities in the Russian market while the relations between Russia and the European Union are deteriorating. This was stated by the Chinese Ambassador to Germany Shih Ming-teh a week before the meeting of leaders of China and Germany, Reuters reports.

In particular, the Chinese Ambassador said that China is not experiencing any malevolence in connection with the crisis between Russia and the EU, which led to the limitation of the presence of German and European companies on the Russian market.

"We want to improve relations between Russia and the EU. But when the opportunity arises (deepening cooperation), why not take advantage of it? This is evident. We have not started this conflict," Chinese diplomat said ironically and openly, which, incidentally, is not inherent in the Chinese diplomatic service.

Also, Reuters noted that the German industrialists had warned German government that Chinese companies will quickly fill the niches left by the departure of the European competitors. German businessmen are afraid that this situation will cause irreparable loss to the German companies, which had been building its presence in the Russian market for a long time. It is reported that about 6 thousand companies are under attack.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Ambassador in Germany clarifies the expectations about the relations with Russia expects and their areas.

"We want very close economic relations with Russia. We are particularly interested in cooperation on raw materials," Shih Ming-teh Agency said.

Earlier, on Oct. 2, President Vladimir Putin called China and Latin America as the priorities of his policy.

Also, earlier Pentagon stated that Russia and China are trying to challenge the military leadership of the USA.


Source: Reuters

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