Putin told Hungarians how Ukrainian Armed Forces lose to "miners" and "tractor drivers"

18 february 2015 | 15:35

The Russian President calls on the Ukrainian Armed Forces to surrender.

Владимир Путин
Putin in Budapest: Ukraine loses to former miners and tractor drivers
Russian President Vladimir Putin after talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that the Ukrainian side loses, and has actually no other choice but to lay down their weapons, namely – in Debaltseve.

Moreover, the leader of the Russian Federation said that the UAFs are losing to "former miners and tractor drivers." He added philosophically that "life is life" and it is not necessary to concentrate on this."

"Of course, it is always hard to lose; of course, it is always a problem for loser, especially if you lose to miners and tractor drivers. But life is life, it goes on. In my opinion, it is not necessary to concentrate on this," – announced Vladimir Putin in Budapest.

Western journalists noted a generally warm welcome for President Putin in Hungary, as well as find the speech in one of Europe's capitals as a 'celebration of success "on the Ukrainian issue.

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Namely, the Wall Street Journal's correspondent summed up the Putin's message in Hungary as follows: "Putin has arrived in the European Union, told Kyiv not to prevent soldiers from giving up, and that "life is life."

In the same speech, Putin called on the Ukrainian Armed Forces surrounded in Debaltseve to lay down their arms, and Kyiv - "to allow soldiers abandoning Debaltseve.

Source: ZN.UA

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