Putin: There is no connection between Crimea's annexation and Russian economy decline

18 december 2014 | 15:32

The Russian President Putin thinks the West sanctions his country for "the desire to be sovereign."

Пу пресс-конференция
Putin said that Russia's economic problems are caused by the desire to "be a state."
The Russian President Vladimir Putin sees no connection between the economic crisis and the annexation of the Crimea. He said this at a press conference. According to him, Russians suffer from "a desire to save their country."

"We have seen a direct support of terrorism in Northern Caucasus. Do partners do so? We are constantly faced with the struggle against us, no matter what we do" – argued Putin, complaining that the West allegedly tried to discredit even the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

"Now the issue is not the Crimea, we try to protect our sovereignty and the right to exist" – announced Putin.

He acknowledged that Western sanctions in fact painfully hit the Russian economy. And the current financial difficulties were encountered by 25-30% due to the EU and the US limitations.

Earlier the Russian president commented that sanctions are even beneficial for the Russian economy. According to him, Russian producers allegedly benefit from economic pressures of the West through import substitution. In turn, Russian farmers complained that they would not be able to replace for years some of the imported products. Later, Putin questioned the legitimacy of Western sanctions.

"I want to point out that sanctions imposed by the US, EU, Japan, Australia and several other countries on our state are illegitimate. Such pressure leads not only to direct economic loss, but also threatens international stability," – said the Russian president.

Today Putin also astated that Russians "do their duty", fighting in eastern Ukraine.

"All the people who "do their duty" by the call of their hearts or voluntarily take part in the hostilities, including in southeastern Ukraine, cannot be called mercenaries because they do not get money for it," – said President Putin speaking on Thursday, December 18, in Moscow.

Source: ZN.UA

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