Putin offers Merkel to resolve Ukraine's conflict according to "Chechen" scenario

3 february 2015 | 16:15

Putin succeeded in tangling Western leaders throughout the conflict in the Donbas.

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Primarily, Merkel stubbornly tries to understand the meaning of Putin's actions
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Barack Obama have different approaches towards Russia.

The Financial Times publishes the first article analyzing the negotiations between Western leaders and Putin calling it the "Battle for Ukraine: how the West has lost Putin."

According to the publication, it has been more than 40 phone calls and countless hours of meetings since German Chancellor Merkel started negotiating with Russian President Putin over Ukrainian crisis.

The result is that Putin, instead of coming to a mutually beneficial solution and adhering to the international law, mentions numerous insults from the West. What is even more striking for the international community is that Russian President summed up his Donbas crisis solution by referring to Russia's approach to Chechen crisis, i.e., buying peace with money and autonomy for Donbas militants.

Any attempt to make Russia stop supporting the militants has failed, while Western leaders try to predict Putin's next steps in gaining more control over the South-Eastern Europe. As Merkel declared in Sydney, she had been "shocked by Russia's president ambitions."

Thus, the West is very cautious now of whether support Ukraine militarily or not, since it does not know what will follow, says the Financial Times.

But, what Western leaders are confident about is that Putin is not willing to lose Ukraine, and he will do everything to keep the initiative.

Thus, despite the pressure from Ukrainian government, asking for military help, and outrageous cases of international law violations, the West is not responding adequately to the crisis until Putin's further actions are not known.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the US had decided to supply "FGM-148 Javelin."

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Nevertheless, as the US State Department's Speaker Jen Psaki noted, the US government had not made a decision to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons or not, despite there is a growing support among the majority of US politicians for this type of actions.

At the same time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel again refused to supply weapons to Ukraine.

Source: Financial Times

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