Putin calls "illegitimate" air strikes on ISIS militants

9 february 2015 | 12:20

Putin has condemned the allies' actions against ISIS.

Путин кривляется
Putin calls “illegitimate” air strikes on ISIS militants
Russian President Putin says that allies' air strikes on ISIS militants are illegitimate and ineffective. He expressed such an opinion in an interview with the Egyptian newspaper "Al-Ahram".

"These actions of the allies are absolutely illegitimate since they are made without a direct authorization from the UN Security Council and in some cases without the consent of states on which territory the blows are carried out," – announced Vladimir Putin.

According to him, the events in Syria and Iraq are the result of ill-conceived policies in the Middle East.

Putin blames the alleged Western double standards in the fight against ISIS and dividing the terrorists on "good" and "bad".

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Such an "alternative" thinking and statements of Putin cause shock to many Western politicians. Thus, the foreign minister of Great Britain Philip Hammond has compared Putin with the 20th century tyrant.

Source: BBC

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