Prosecutor: A320 captain tried to break cockpit door with ax before disaster

27 march 2015 | 11:27

The procedure of identifying victims of the crash will take weeks. 

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Passengers were aware of mortal danger
A320 captain Patrick Sonderheimer in the last moments of life desperately tried to break down the cockpit's door, shut by a co-pilot, with an ax, announced the Prosecutor of Marseilles, Brice Robin.

According to The Times, the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who had closed in the cockpit, refused to open it at captain's demand. Then, the captain took an ax and tried to break down the door.

The passengers at this time saw through the windows how the plane was approaching the Alps. The automated warning system rattled over the cabin speakers warning about the danger. It is clear that the passengers were aware of the mortal danger when the aircraft was approaching the mountains at high speed.

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"The shouts were only heard at the end," – reports the Prosecutor. "Death was instantaneous. The plane literally shattered to pieces," – adds Mr Robin.

"What happened to us, I can only say that we're sorry. No system in the world can not exclude such a scenerio," – comments the information Lufthansa's head Carsten Spohr.

Marseille prosecutor says the investigation is working to identify the remains through DNA which is assisted by families of the victims. It is expected that this process will take several weeks. 

As it was reported, the airliner A320 of Germanwings airlines, flying from Spain to Germany, crashed on Tuesday in southern France in a mountainous area. There were 144 passengers and six crew members on board.

Source: The Times

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