President Kadyrov: Russia is not afraid of Islamic State militants

5 january 2015 | 10:10

According to Chechen head of state, Russia has nothing to fear because it has "everything under control."

Рамазан Кадыров
Kadyrov is sure Russia controls the situation with the IS.
In an interview with the "Interfax", Ramzan Kadyrov said that Russia has an intelligence network inside the Islamic State, which allows it to track the movement of those who "are of interest."

Moreover, according to the Chechen President, the intelligence network makes it possible to eliminate those who "even jokingly point a gun towards Russia."

According to President Kadyrov, IS is not a danger for Russia and "the rest of the world." The real danger, according to him, are the actions of the US and Western countries in the Middle East.

Currently Kadyrov waits for Putin's order to send him to the Donbas. Three weeks ago he made a loud statement in which asked Putin to let him fight with "Shaitans".

Source: Interfax

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