Poroshenko and Merkel discuss situation in Donbas

1 april 2015 | 09:35

Ukrainian President and German Chancellor hope to implement the Minsk agreements.

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Poroshenko and Merkel discuss the implementation of Minsk agreements
President Poroshenko and Chancellor Merkel, in a telephone conversation, have once again ascertained the fact that the militants in the Donbas, backed by Russia, are obliged to follow the ceasefire and fulfill all positions of Minsk agreements, including the release of hostages.

The leaders of two countries have agreed to have a "Normandy Four" meeting at the ministerial level in a near future to ensure the progress of the Minsk agreements. The President and the Chancellor have also talked about the deployment of peacekeepers in the ATO area.

President Poroshenko has also thanked Angela Merkel for ratification of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine by the German parliament.

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On February 27, during a telephone conversation between the President Poroshenko and German Chancellor, the Ukrainian leader announced for the first time about the need to deploy ​​peacekeeping troops in the Donbas in frames of the EU peacekeeping mission.

Source: ZN.UA

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