Polish Armed Forces to recruit volunteers since March

11 february 2015 | 17:50

5,700 Poles will be trained during the first wave of military training

Polish Armed Forces will recruit volunteers since March. Illustration.
The Armed Forces of Poland will begin recruiting Polish citizen since 1, March for a volunteer military training, announced the Deputy Prime Minister Tomas Simonyak.

According to Rzeczpospolita, all the people who want to have a military training will get the opportunity since 1, March. The Polish Armed Forces are ready to take nearly 5,700 volunteers. This is a mobilization plan of the General Staff of Poland. Nevertheless, the number may be increased if there are more volunteers or there is a need for more people.

"The leadership of the Armed Forces is checking an opportunity to train more volunteers," – says the advisor to the Polish Minister of Defence, Boguslav Patsek.

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At the same time, the Polish Armed Forces have set some requirements for potential volunteers. First of all, people who are adult citizens of Poland without a criminal record are allowed to apply. Second, these people should be fit for a military service. Both men and women are able to apply.

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At the same time, Ukraine continues to have a mobilization because of the Russian aggression. Nearly 62,000 people have got the notices in the first week. A journalist, Yuriy Butusov has written an article for the Mirror Weekly where says that the mobilization in Ukraine is not very smooth. Reportedly, it is undermined by the lack of local authorities and corruption among military who enlist people.

Source: Rzeczpospolita

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