Police again destroys barricades in Hong Kong

18 november 2014 | 11:06

However, protesters warn to remain a part of the barricades.

The demonstrators warn that the police will not give out all the barricades
Hong Kong authorities have begun to dismantle the barricades near the government building, reports BBC Russian Service.

Earlier, the court made a ruling that allows them to clear only that area.

The head of one of the groups of protesters Joshua Wong states that the demonstrators will allow police dismantle barricades in that area. However, he stresses that if the police goes at the other occopied by the activists areas, it will be "very sad."

Protests continue in Hong Kong since September. Demonstrators are concentrated in two main areas of the city - near government buildings and on the other side of the harbor - in Mongkok. A small number of activists, protesters remain in the bustling shopping district of Causeway Bay.

Police have already tried to clear streets from the barricades of the protesters. Periods of relative calmness and negotiations with uncompromising Beijing are being replaced with clashed between demonstrators and police.

Source: BBC Russian

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