Poland to invest 33.6 billion euro in its Armed Forces' modernization

17 february 2015 | 14:55

Polish government is going to seriously upgrade its Armed Forces over 10 years.

Польша. Флаг
Poland has allocated 33.6 billion euro to modernize its Armed Forces
Poland began to spend unprecedented money to modernize its Armed Forces.

According to YahooNews, referring to the APF, Poland has allocated 33.6 billion euro ($ 42 billion) to modernize its Armed Forces, which will last for ten years. The program will cover defense systems, anti-aircraft missile systems, AFVs, submarines and combat drones.

Poland plans to increase defense spending to 2% of country's GDP.

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"There is a long list, full of expensive goods, including multi-fighting helicopters, anti-missile systems and cruise missiles for submarines and drones. At the top of the list – 70 multipurpose helicopters, a contract worth 2.5 billion euro," – says the statement.

It was reported that NATO will create command centers in six Eastern European countries in the coming months. Center, established in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria will be directly subordinate to the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

Source: ZN.UA

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