Poland asks "Tomahawk" missiles from US

12 march 2015 | 16:30

Poland expects to get missiles for its three submarines.

Томагавк. Ракета
Poland plans to get "Tomahawk" missiles by 2030
Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak announced on Thursday that he had requested the US to sell "Tomahawk" missiles for new Polish submarines.

This has been reported by Reuters on Thursday.

"One possibility that we want to get from them (submarines - Ed.) – are cruise missiles," – announced the Polish Defense Minister on public radio broadcast.

Semoniak also said that nearly 10,000 NATO soldiers will take part in military exercises in Poland this year, including about 5,000 NATO Spearhead Force.

 According to FoxNews, Poland believes that the war in Ukraine also raises questions about its own safety.

"Tomahawk" missiles are expected to be received by 2030. They will be deployed on three Polish submarines.

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"We are asking all our partners able to provide such weapons, including the US," – declared the Polish Minister.

Tomahawk or Tomahok is American multi-precision strategic and tactical use long-range cruise missile. It flies at extremely low altitudes bypassing terrain. Currently, the missiles are used by the US and UK Armed Forces.

Earlier, experts from the European Leadership Network announced that the key NATO countries, such as Germany, will cut military budgets, while Russia's fighting with Ukraine.

Source: Reuters

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