Peskov tells Norwegians of Putin's limited impact on Donbas militants

23 march 2015 | 13:40

Also, the speaker of the Russian President has complained of being irritated when Putin is accused "of everything."

Peskov assures Norwegians that Donbas militants are independent
Dmitriy Peskov, a speaker of the Russian president has announced that his boss has limited influence on the "DPR" and "LPR" militants and that the relationships are solely based on "respect."

He has made the statement in an interview with the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, reports TASS.

He again reiterated that the Donbas militants are not puppets of the Kremlin.

"Contrary to what NATO and European countries say, Donbas militants are not our puppets," – announced Peskov, adding that Putin cannot "give them orders."

"The Russian president can influence them, since they respect him, but he cannot make them to lay down their arms," – convinces the speaker.

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Peskov also added that he is "irritated" when Western countries demonize Putin and accuse him of everything.

The press secretary also commented on Putin's "disappearance" two weeks ago, arguing that his boss had worked in Moscow residence.

Earlier Vladimir Putin openly declared that he was ready to use nuclear weapons to occupy the Crimea.


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