Pentagon puts Russia, Al-Qaeda and ISIS in one row

20 february 2015 | 11:00

General Martin Dempsey considers Russia as one of the seven major threats to the world.

General Dempsey: Russia is one of the seven major threats to the world
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey announced that Russia's fueling "fire" in Europe which has not been seen on the continent for the last 70 years.

According to the American General, today Russia poses a potential threat to the world, fueling the fire of nationalism. While speaking at a conference at the Texas A&M University, General Dempsey categorized Russia at the top of seven major threats to the United States and the world. The list also includes Iran, North Korea, Al-Qaeda, Islamic State, China and cyber attacks threatening US infrastructures.

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The General also announced that the United States had assured its allies in Europe in their strong support and cooperation with the Eastern European states in "disrupting Russia's attempts to fuel fire, which has not been seen in Europe over the last 70 years."

On February 19, the British Defense Secretary compared Russia to ISIS. This has been the strongest statement by UK since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine. The Kremlin did not agree to such a comparison and issue a harsh statement.

Source: Radio Svoboda

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