Pentagon: Iran strikes "Islamic State" militants

3 december 2014 | 13:36

Iran fights ISIS, its actions are not approved by the international coalition, US officials commented.

Syria militants
Iran, which was imposed economic sanctions by the West, joined the fight against the ISIS, moving towards the international coalition’s side.

Iran Air Force recently inflicted blows in Iraq on the positions of militants from the so-called "Islamic State", according to the Pentagon.

"We have evidence that they (Iranians - Ed.) have actually inflicted blows using F-4 Phantom Aircrafts in the last few days" - said Admiral John Kirby, the representative of the Department of Defense.

He said that Iran does not coordinate their actions with the international coalition, particularly the US, fighting against the ISIS. "Nothing has changed in frames of our lack of military operations' coordination with the Iranians – concluded the admiral.

Militants of the "Islamic State" have seized large areas in the north and west of Iraq and part of Syria during the summer.  In June, 30 2014 they announced about the creation "Islamic Caliphate" on the territory they had seized. The forces of the international coalition have been doing air strikes since August in order to stop the Islamists.

Recentrly Iran has signed an oil-for-foods deal with Russia, which may lead to new sancitons against Russia as well as Iran from the Western States.

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