Party of "Putin's friends" loses elections in all French provinces

30 march 2015 | 11:50

Marine Le Pen's nationalists have received 40% in some counties. 

марин ле пен франция ультраправые
French far-rights loose elections in all French provinces
Marine Le Pen's "National Front", credited by the Kremlin, has not got majority in any of the French departments in the second round of local elections.

According to "European Truth," referring to Le Nouvel Observateur publication, the winner is the center-right party, "UMP" led by former president Nicolas Sarkozy, which took a lead in 66 departments (against 41 now). "Socialist Party" of the current French president Francois Hollande won 30 departments (against 61 now). "National Front" has not received the majority in any of the departments, although in some districts it has got almost 40% support.

"National Front" will not control any of the French departments as a result of the elections. However, we will have dozens of our representatives. Our average result is 40% and this is an unprecedented result for "National Front" – announced the vice-president of "National Front" Florian Philippi.

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The elections to local councils took place in each of the 101 French departments.

Earlier, French edition Le Figaro wrote that Marine Le Pen's party has a chance to win local elections in France. The leader of the French party also said that if she wins the presidential elections in 2017, she will take France out of the "corrupt" European Union.

Source: European Truth

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