Obama: Lausanne agreement to prevent emergence of nuclear weapons in Iran

6 april 2015 | 13:50

US will withdraw sanctions against Iran as it completes its commitments regarding the rejection from nuclear weapons. 

Lausanne agreement is the best possible outcome in negotiations with Iran
President Barack Obama believes that an agreement achieved by the "six" mediators and Iran in Lausanne, will most effectively prevent Tehran from getting nuclear status.

Lausanne agreement was "one in a lifetime opportunity" to secure the Middle East from nuclear proliferation, said Obama in an interview with The New York Times.

The US president stressed, however, that sanctions against Iran will be lifted as soon as it completes all obligations made in Lausanne.

"A lot of work needs to be done. The basic preliminary agreement calls on Iran to take steps at Fordo (where the Iranian uranium enrichment plant is located – Ed.), centrifuges and so on. After that, the UN will suspend the sanctions," – announced President Obama.

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Earlier, Obama said that US sanctions against Iran, that are not associated with Tehran's nuclear program, would remain effective.

Source: The New York Times

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