Nearly 90 police officers injured during riots in Frankfurt

18 march 2015 | 16:55

The protests organized by Blockupy movement in the area of ​​the new European Central Bank building have led to serious riots and clashes of protesters with the police. 

Франкфурт. Протест < >
The unrest in the area of the ECB building paralyzes the traffic

Франкфурт. Протест
The unrest in the area of the ECB building paralyzes the traffic
At least 88 policemen have been wounded as a result of the clashes with demonstrators in Frankfurt, reports a local police representative on Wednesday, adding that the demonstrators threw stones and used tear gas against the police.

According to Blockupy's demonstration organizer, a lot of demonstrators have been also injured as a result of the clashes.

Police has arrested five protesters, nearly 550 persons have been temporarily detained, reports Reuters.

Helicopters fly over the clashes' area, where the office of the ECB is located. The unrest in the area has paralyzed the traffic in many parts of Frankfurt. Several kindergartens have been closed and at least four schools in eastern part of the city.

The police's union talks about the new scale of violence, commenting the unrest.

According to its chairman Rainer Wendt, demonstrators from all over Europe, whose purpose is to attack the state by hiding behind the guise of capitalism criticism, have gathered in Frankfurt.

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The action was planned to coincide with the opening ceremony of a new ECB office.

"This building is a symbol of the best what Europe can reach jointly," – declared the ECB head Mario Draghi in his opening speech.

The Blockupy announced that more protesters will come from 39 European cities.

Source: Reuters

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