NATO's preparing to answer Russian threat

5 february 2015 | 10:25

Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and provocative Russian aircrafts flying near the borders of its neighbors, make NATO to review some of the Alliance's collective defense positions.

NATO realizes a real threat of Russian aggression
 NATO Defence Ministers are going to meet in Brussels, where it will be announced about new plans to increase the presence of the Alliance in eastern Europe due to the crisis in Ukraine.
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Namely, one of the solutions to be discussed is the creation of a "NATO Spearhead Force" consisting of 4,000 people.

As it was already stated, the force is needed to counter potential threats from Russia.

Moreover, a network of command centers in six NATO countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria have to be created.

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US Permanent Representative to NATO, Douglas Lute announced in February that the US side had irrefutable evidence that Russian forces are actively present in eastern Ukraine since the beginning of the armed conflict in April last year.

Source: BBC

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