Media: US-led coalition's Air Forces accidently hit Iraqi army – 22 Iraqi soldiers killed

12 march 2015 | 17:00

According to the official information, the strike hit ISIS's militants' positions.

Sources claim the aircraft struck the Iraqi military rather than ISIS militants
22 soldiers have been killed as a result of a "friendly fire" in western Iraq.

According to Reuters, citing its sources in military circles, the US-led coalition hit the Iraqi army unit on the outskirts of Ramadi, the provincial capital of Anbar.

The spokesman of the coalition Lt.-Col. Thomas Gilleran officially declared that the strike had been aimed at "Islamic State" militants' positions.

"There are no victims among our troops as a result of the strike," – stressed the spokesperson.

A source of the agency in the Iraqi army claims that Iraqi Air Force did not perform the tasks in this region for two months.

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"Iraqi warplanes do not perform their tasks in Anbar," – said the source to Reuters.

An unnamed Iraqi police officer says there are dozens of victims of the false air strike among the Iraqi military. He did not specify, though, which country's airplane had made the strike.

Last October, the "Islamic State" militants intercepted weapons that were intended to be transferred to the Syrian Kurds to fight Islamists. Then, the weapons were badly delivered by air force near the town of Kobani.

Source: Reuters

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