Media: Russian government' preparing to respond to "color" revolutions

4 march 2015 | 13:45

Russia's Security Council' preparing measures to protect the state's sovereignty, immediately telling Putin about the emerging threats.

There is a constant work on struggling “color revolutions” in Russia
A Scientific Council at the Russia's Security Council is going to recommend taking measures against destabilizing the political situation in order to respond to "color revolutions" scenario.

According to "Kommersant," citing its sources, among the advice is the termination of a network activity and struggle with the formation of the revolutionary romantic stereotype in the Russian society.

The sources of the edition, close to the Security Council, note that the issue of combating "color revolution" has come to the fore and, most likely, will be discussed at a meeting of the Security Council on international problems. The Scientific Council's preparing recommendations to respond to "color revolutions."

The Kremlin has confirmed to the newspaper that the Council is really considering "measures to protect the country's sovereignty," promptly reporting to Vladimir Putin about the emerging threats.

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The danger of "color revolutions" and responding to them remains one of the major issues, says the source. This issue has been discussed at virtually every meeting of the Russian Security Council on Ukraine.

According to Moscow University professor and former Special Services officer, Andrey Manoylo, the Security Council will be definitely given such recommendations in a closed session since the risk of a coup orchestrated from abroad increases.

"The murder of Boris Nemtsov on the eve of mass action could be a trigger for the formation of a controlled aggressive political crowd," – says the professor.

Earlier, The Guardian wrote that Putin's "Antimaidan" is not ready to suppress an uprising in Russia. At the same time, according to a survey conducted by "Levada-Center," 86% of Russians approve the actions of President Vladimir Putin, 13% - disapprove them. Russian President's level of support was above 80% at the end of March 2014.

Source: Kommersant

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