Media: Putin says Poroshenko allegedly offered him to "take the Donbas"

6 april 2015 | 14:35

The conversation between the two presidents supposedly took place at "Normandy Four" meeting in Minsk in February. 

Минск Путин Порошенко
Putin tells about his conversation with Poroshenko over the Donbas
Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Vladimir Putin, allegedly, told businesses at a closed meeting with the Office of the Russian Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on 19 March of March that the Ukrainian President Poroshenko had offered him to "take the Donbas."

This has been reported by, citing its source.

Earlier, media reported that Putin had promised businesses to keep the funded pension system at the meeting. But, in fact, this was not the main issue. Most of the time, Russian President spoke about the situation in southeastern Ukraine.

Thus, reportedly the Russian president told the details of the "Normandy Four" meeting and namely his conversation with President Poroshenko on 11-12 February. Thus, in Putin's words, the Ukrainian president offered him to "take the Donbas."

"He (Poroshenko. - Ed.) told me outright, "Take the Donbas." "I replied that "We do not need the Donbas. If you do not need it, declare it independent," – cites the media Putin's words.

Poroshenko, according to the Russian president, said that the Ukrainian government may not do this.

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"Then, the Ukrainian authorities should pay pensions, give material help and restore banking system, demanded the Russian president," - tells the source about Putin's comment.

The leaders of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia agreed to a ceasefire on February 15. The Minsk agreement also provides for withdrawal of heavy weapons from the boundary line. Nevertheless, terrorists continue to flagrantly violate the condition.

Source: Forbes

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