Media: Lufthansa knew pilot had suffered depression

27 march 2015 | 15:00

The 27-year-old pilot had been repeatedly treated for mental disorders and needed occasional re-treatment.

Airbus A320
The airline knew about chronic depression of the pilot.
Andres Lubitz, a Germanwings pilot who deliberately hid the A320 airliner in the French Alps, had suffered from depression due to breaking up of relationships with a girl.

This has been reported by the Times, citing its own sources.

The publication says that the man studied at a pilots' school belonging to the carrier. Reportedly, the airlines already knew about his psychological problems at this stage.

"Andres Lubitz was found unfit to fly because he had been treated for a year and half from a psychological disease. Moreover, he had to undergo repeated courses of treatment from depression," -  says the publication, citing its own sources.

German media also reported that the man had recently broken up with his girl, which probably led to the aggravation of his disease.

It is quite possible that this is why he crashed the plane. Yesterday, a women familiar with the pilot told Frankfurter Allgemeine that Lubitz had recently told her daughter about suffering from depression.

The police have already searched an apartment of the pilot.

Law enforcement officials have declined to comment on what they have found.

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At the same time, Lufthansa argues that the pilot-killer has successfully passed all medical tests and qualifications. His piloting was perfect and no one had any suspicion that he could crash a plane.

Earlier, it had been reported that the captain of A320 had tried to break inside the locked cockpit by using an axe.

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