Media: Lufthansa conceals A320 co-pilot's mental disorders to have him licensed

6 april 2015 | 16:00

The Federal Aviation Service of Germany says they knew nothing about the health problems of Andreas Lubitz. 

Lufthansa conceals depression of Andreas Lubitz
German Lufthansa concealed information about mental disorders of Andres Lubitz when the decision about giving him a license was taken.

This is being suggested by The Times newspaper.

Yesterday, the Federal Aviation Service of Germany reported that they had never received medical history of the pilot who is now accused of destroying A320 aircraft with 149 people on board. Therefore, the data on his mental illness was not taken into account when he was issued pilot's license.

Last week, Lufthansa recognized that that it had known that Andreas Lubitz had mental disease in 2009. That is why he interrupted his training then.

Thus, The Times believes that the company could deliberately hide the data on its pilot, since the Federal Aviation Service of Germany says it learned about the history of the pilot's treatment from depression only on March 27, three days after the crash.

Earlier, the investigators found that Lubitz was treated by at least five doctors. The second pilot visited various specialists in the sphere of neurology and psychiatry.

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"It's a fantastic number of doctors visited by a young man," – announced the source at the investigation.

According to the head of the German Medical Association of Aviation, Hans-Werner Teichmüller, a standard medical examination cannot identify serious mental illnesses of any pilot. 

Source: The Times

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