Latvian Foreign Minister accuses Russia of blackmailing

7 april 2015 | 13:06

Minister Rinkevics does not believe Moscow will actually use nuclear weapons. 

Эдгарс Ринкевичс
Minister Rinkevics notes a "trend" towards information war incitement
Russia is trying to intimidate some NATO countries by resorting to the "nuclear rhetoric."

"We are in a state of serious war of words. The objective of the Russian government in the information war is to intimidate those NATO members which do not have stable position regarding Russia," – said  the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgars Rinkevics, according to "European Truth," referring to the portal

Nevertheless, the Foreign Minister hopes that Russia will not use nuclear weapons, but believes NATO mast strengthen its own security in response to these threats.

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"Statements by Russian politicians have to be taken seriously, but without panic," – said the Minister, noting a "trend" towards information war incitement.

Earlier, the Foreign Minister of Lithuania said that the US and the EU must join their forces to fight the Russian propaganda. 

Source: European Truth

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