Kwasnievski: Russia's policy is aimed at splitting EU

6 april 2015 | 12:00

Former Polish president has warned the European Union against repeating the fate of the USSR. 

Олександр Кваснєвський
Kwasniewski has urged the EU leaders to oppose Putin’s policy
Former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski announced that the objective of Russia is splitting the EU similar to what was done to the USSR.

"Earlier Russian also did not conduct a single European policy, but 28 + 1 – bilateral relationship (with EU member states – Ed.) and one was the least important for Russia – relations with Brussels," – announced Kwasniewski.

In his view, EU leaders should do everything possible to prove this policy ineffective.

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According to the former Polish president, Vladimir Putin believes the EU is artificial organization. This is why Putin decided to "work" separately with every EU member to make the EU fall as the Soviet Union.

Earlier, Aleksander Kwasniewski said that the purpose of Putin's policy is to control the entire Ukraine, not just a part of it.


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