King Abdulla dies in Saudi Arabia

23 january 2015 | 16:10

King Abdullah, 90, was hospitalized to one of Riyadh's clinics at the end of 2014

Mourning in Saudi Arabia – King Abdullah has died
The leader of the largest Middle Eastern country, King Abdulla has died at the age of 90. This was reported today by most of the information agencies, citing Saudi State Television. 

His place has been taken by a Crown Prince Salman, 79, who in turn declared Prince Muqrin, 71, who is a Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia, as an heir to the throne.

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King Abdullah was hospitalized to one of Riyadh's clinics at the end of 2014, where doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia. Also, two years earlier King Abdullah had a surgery on intervertebral hernia, which greatly impacted his health.

Abdullah was the sixth king of Saudi Arabia since 2005. At the beginning of the 2013, the Forbes edition estimated his fortune at $ 18 billion.

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It is yet unknown how the internal and foreign policy of Saudi Arabia will change due to a new monarch. The Saudi Arabia has to deal with numerous issues, including growing inequality, ISIS, Al-Qaeda in Yemen, oil prices and others. 

Source: ZN.UA

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