Iran demands to immediately cease military operation in Yemen

26 march 2015 | 17:55

Tehran has condemned the military operation in Yemen led by the Saudi Arabia. 

Iran condemns the actions of Saudi Arabia
Iran has demanded to immediately cease the military operation led by the Saudi Arabia in Yemen and has declared that it would do everything necessary to deal with the crisis in the country.

According to Reuters, citing the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, Iran demands from the Saudi Arabia to immediately stop the air strikes, since it violates Yemen's sovereignty.

"We will make efforts to control the crisis in Yemen," – announced Zarif.

Iran's Foreign Ministry has condemned the military operation in Yemen. It denies the allegations of financing the training of Shiite Houthi rebels, as it was previously stated by Western and Yemeni politicians.

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At the same time, Turkey has officially supported the military operation in Yemen.

Earlier, it was reported Saudi forces carried out a military operation in Yemen against the Shiite rebels.

Washington officials have already confirmed that the United States would provide logistical and intelligence support to the operations, while the American troops will not take a direct part in the hostilities in Yemen. The US is also concerned that Iran might be involved in the conflict.

Source: Reuters

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