Illarionov: Putin to be removed from power in the next few days

13 march 2015 | 12:32

More radical forces might come to power in Russia

Владимир Путин
Putin might lose power in Russia
A sudden and mysterious disappearance of Vladimir Putin gave rise to many rumors and versions. Former presidential adviser, Andrey Illarionov reports that in a few days it will be announced about the resignation of Vladimir Putin and the power will be taken by a group of officers and security forces led by the head of the presidential administration Sergey Ivanov.

Illarionov admits that the security forces might come to power after the possible removal of Vladimir Putin and his clique.

The expert makes the conclusion by saying that the financial and military support is being lost by the Russian President.

Putin's disappearance raises questions of not only about his whereabouts, but about his condition, says Illarionov. He also believes that the Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev will be changed by Mr Ivanov. After that, it will be announced about Putin's resignation.

According to the former adviser, it is possible that the conspiracy involves not only army generals but also intelligence agencies of the Russian Federation.

Illarionov hints in his analysis that the changes might bring to power even more radical forces, by naming them the forces of a "big blood."

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not appeared in public since March 6, while the Kremlin's website started to retrospectively report about the official meetings.

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A spokesman for the Russian President Dmitriy Peskov announced that Putin would visit Kazakhstan next week and denied his illness.

"Sometimes he is more open, sometimes less. But that does not mean he does not continue his tradition of being a workaholic. So it's a continuing tradition, and he has a very busy schedule," – announced Peskov.

Source: ZN.UA

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