Hungary flooded with protests against Internet tax

29 october 2014 | 10:54

The mass rally was held in Budapest, attended by several thousand people.

In Hungary there were demonstrations against the tax on Internet
Hungary has swept the second wave of mass demonstrations against the government's initiative to introduce a tax for the Internet use.

Tens of thousands of protesters went on the streets of Hungarian cities.

The mass rally was held in Budapest. According to police, it was attended by several thousand people. They marched through the city and ended the procession in front of the Parliament building.

It is also reported that large demonstration took place in the cities of Győr, Pécs, Debrecen and Szeged.

Earlier it was reported that the first protest took place in Budapest on Oct. 26. Then the protesters delivered an ultimatum to the authorities, demanding to abandon the idea of the introduction of charges for the use of the Internet within 48 hours.

It was envisaged that for each downloaded or uploaded gigabyte of Internet traffic HUF 150 (approximately $ 0.6) must be charged from users. Internet service providers would have to do this. Thus it was planned to reduce the budget deficit and to attract at least HUF 20 billion (about 83 million).

After the new wave of protests on Oct. 28, the Hungarian Parliament discussed the amendments to this law and made a proposal to fix the maximum level of tax. So, for individuals upper threshold is proposed to be at the level of HUF 700 (€ 2,27) per month, and for legal institutions - HUF 5 thousand (€ 16.19).

It is planned that the vote on the bill in Parliament, the majority of which belongs to the ruling party FIDESZ - Hungarian Civic Union of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, will take place on Nov. 18.

Earlier it was reported that several thousand residents of the Romanian capital took part in the Rally for the unification of Moldova with Romania, organized by Action 2012 Association.


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