Hungarian Prime Minister: US interferes in European affairs through Ukraine

24 december 2014 | 11:00

Orban has announced that Hungary does not want to participate in a new "cold war" between the US and Russia.

Віктор Орбан
Orban accused the US of interfering in the European affairs.
The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accused the US of meddling in the internal politics of Central Europe.

"A new era began after the US had not only involved, but also actively participated in the domestic politics of Central Europe", - said Mr Orban to a local broadcast channel, reports RIA Novosti citing Reuters.

According to the Prime Minister, it is happening "because of the conflict in Ukraine, and because of the free trade negotiations between the US and EU."

"They (the US) want to drag us into a conflict that would be harmful for us. The mood of a "cold war" is emerging between the US and Russia, and we do not want to be involved in this," – commented Mr Orban.

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Numerous demonstrations against the Prime Minister of Hungary took place in December in the country. Thousands of protesters criticized the government for corruption and weakening democracy.

One of the leaders of the US Republican party, Senator John McCain named Mr Orban a "neo-fascist dictator." This led to a diplomatic scandal between Hungary and the United States.

Source: RIA Novosti

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