Hong Kong police arrests protests' leaders

26 november 2014 | 10:17

In total 116 activists were detained by police.

Гонконг. Протесты
116 protesters were detained
Hong Kong police arrested the leaders of the student protests in Hong Kong - Joshua Wong and his colleague Lester Noise, reports Reuters.

In the district of Mong Kok in the heart of Hong Kong there were new clashes of protesters with the police. During the "cleansing" protest leaders were arrested.

According to ABC News, the entire police arrested 116 protesters. In the sweep seven thousand policemen were involved.

Bofeore, the Hong Kong authorities again started to clean up the area from the barricades and tents of protesters, according to the court. Many people came to protest in this regard.

In Hong Kong, from September mass demonstrations in support of democratic reforms go on. Almost 80,000 people took to the streets because of disagreement with the decision of the Chinese authorities for the selection of candidates for election administration of Hong Kong, which will be held in 2017. Demonstrators demand direct talks with Beijing.

Source: Reuters

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